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1st Step to Easy Street STOCHASTICS Seminar

Now taught by Caire Lane, this two-day seminar takes you through a systematic orientation to technical trading.

First, we'll go through all the things people try to sell you in this industry --- hardware, software, trading systems, market letters, books, etc. --- and tell you what we think has value and what not to waste your time and money on. This will save you about two years --- and thousands of dollars in misspent money and losses!

You'll be taught  a complete methodology for trading any market --- stocks, options, indexes, or futures. This includes a number of patterns, tools and indicators that tend to come to a point and turn just before, or at the same time, as the market changes direction. The crown jewel of this methodology is STOCHASTICS, originated by our own George C. Lane.

You'll be taught criteria for entering a trade! You'll learn several methods for predicting how far the market should go once you are in a trade! You'll learn how to protect yourself with properly placed stop-losses while your money is at risk!

You'll see hundreds of charts analyzed during a multimedia presentation. You'll receive a workbook, all the forms you need to keep track of your trading in a business-like manner, and a checklist to help you identify a trade as it's setting up

 If you are a new trader, this is the one seminar you should have before you place your first trade. One of our students, a new trader, called on 7/22/00 to tell us she netted $2500.00 on her very first trade! Another student called on 7/17/00 to tell us he netted $10,462.00 on his third trade ever!

If you've been trading for a while with mixed success --- or fabulous success, but you don't know why --- this seminar will help you put the missing pieces together, so you, too, can trade profitably --- and with confidence! That's exactly what happened to a graduate of the 6/30/00 class who called on 10/12/00 to tell us he hasn't had a trading day under $5,000.00 for the last week!

There is risk to trading, and not every student will get rich, but you will have the same education and the same opportunity as one of our grads, who called on 7/31/00 to tell us  he had made over $1,000,000.00 in one year to the day since he graduated --- and he knew his income would be even higher in his second year of trading, because his  profits were up by $400,000.00 in only the last month!

So, if you want to become a professional trader, make it your top priority to attend this seminar

   April 25 - 26, 2015

To register, call 800/962-9836 or 815/432-4334

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