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Our primary product at INVESTMENT EDUCATORS is education. We currently offer the following course of instruction:

1st Step to Easy Street STOCHASTICS Seminar
An intensive, 2-day training program for those of you who want to make your living as traders. Includes practice with simulated data from the Exchanges, under the watchful eyes of Caire.Lane, standing in the stead of George C. Lane, originator of Stochastics.


INVESTMENT EDUCATORS is pleased to offer the following:

Trading the Markets with Technical Analysis by Caire Lane
Video. Basic training in technical analysis. Starts out by answering the question, What is a bar chart and what does it mean? Explains chart patterns and basic charting tools and techniques. Principles can be applied to Stocks, Options and Futures.
Using STOCHASTICS, Cycles & RSI by George C. Lane
An introduction to the use of Stochastics, this book takes nine examples of Futures contracts (including the S & P 500) through detailed analysis. Written in down-to-earth, non-technical style, with well-marked illustrations.
STOCHASTICS for the Serious Trader by George C. Lane
90-minute program on Video. Discusses structure and theory of Stochastics and the signals given by Stochastics. Numerous chart examples discussed in depth.
The Fifth Wave - Stocks by C. Ralph Dystant
Subtitled "A Critique of the Elliott Wave", this book was written at the urging of his students. It is the product of a lifetime of working with and teaching Elliott Wave.



Free Charting Lesson

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