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STOCHASTICS for the Serious Trader by George C. Lane

Available on  DVD for the first time, this famous lecture by Mr. Lane, the originator of Stochastics and foremost authority on Stochastics, has been  presented at seminars all over the United States and Abroad for such prestigious groups as TAG, the Market Technicians Society, Futures International Seminars, etc. We have preserved it so you, too, can attend this timeless lesson --- without the added time and expense of travel.

Hear him discuss the theory and the structure of Stochastics. See his  in depth analysis of many, many charts. Let him show you and tell you in his own words what he looks for, when he evaluates a market before entering a trade, how he determines how far the market should go, and how he decides it's time to get out!

Then, review and review the material until it becomes second nature when you look at a chart!

Approximately ninety minutes, packed full! Everything you've ever wanted to know about this indicator from The Stochastics Man, himself!

Contents include:

          [Bullet] How to determine the number of periods to use
          [Bullet] Recognizing a Top, or Bottom
          [Bullet] Trading "Pops" and "Poops"
          [Bullet] What to do in trading range markets and in trending markets

Price: $99.95 ---  DVD
plus $8 Shipping & Handling
[Illinois Residents add 7% Sales Tax]

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