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STOCHASTICS is preferred over any other indicator 3 to 1 by technical analysts, momey managers, professional traders and private investors all over the world!


Using STOCHASTICS, Cycles & R.S.I. the Moment of Decision...
by George C. Lane

A teaching manual containing nine examples, ranging from Cattle to Cocoa to the S & P 500. Twenty-seven charts with step-by-step instructions on how to trade smarter using Stochastics!

Every trader had the problem of locating the "big" trades --- trades where they can take advantage of a long-term trend --- the trades that make millionaires!

In this book, George Lane proposes a solution. Use monthly charts to locate the long-term Cycles. Have the patience and the discipline to wait for those Cycles to bottom. Use Stochastics and R.S.I. to signal the decision to buy. When a buy appears imminent, move to the weekly charts and daily charts to pinpoint the day of the "big buy".

Originator of the application of Stochastics to the field of Futures, Mr. Lane is the recognized expert on Stochastics. Now, you can draw on his 50+ years of practical experience with this indicator to improve your trading!

Contents include:

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