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Trading the Markets with Technical Analysis by Caire Lane

"To be a successful trader, you must first become a good chartist!" says legendary George C. Lane.

This is a "how to" course on chart reading, consisting of a video and book, designed for investors just venturing into the world of technical trading. The principles apply to Stocks, Options, Financials, physical Commodities and Futures, and anything else you can chart!

We start out with the question, What is a bar chart and what does it mean?

From the reading of a chart, you can learn to determine the trend of the market and to construct Trendlines and Channels to keep you with the trend and to help you identify when the trend changes. Armed with this knowledge, you can buy closer to the absolute Top and sell closer to the Bottom --- wringing every last dollar out of the market, while protecting yourself from getting hurt!

You'll learn to recognize common Top and Bottom patterns, such as a Head & Shoulders, Double Top or Bottom, Pennants, Flags, Islands, a Base and a Box Breakout.  

You'll be introduced to Seasonal Price Patterns and to shorter Cycles, to Hedging, Basis and Carrying Charge, and to the relationship between the cash markets and Futures.

Includes the following:

[Bullet]  Making smarter trading decisions, based on the charts
[Bullet]  Volume and Open Interest as technical indicators
[Bullet] Using the Futures to hedge your stock portfolio

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