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Learn how the markets work before you make your first trade!

Celebrating our 60th anniversary in 2008, INVESTMENT EDUCATORS is the oldest school in the USA teaching technical analysis of the Futures Market and is the oldest remaining school teaching technical analysis of the Stock Market. Established by Ralph Dystant in 1948 and led to world-wide renown by George Lane, INVESTMENT EDUCATORS began a tradition of innovation and excellence of instruction that continues today under the leadership of Caire Lane.

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Our objective is...

To systematically teach you: the logic of the markets; how to understand and evaluate the signals given by computer-generated trading programs; a methodology for daytrading markets -- or longer-term trading -- using technical analysis, including STOCHASTICS, originated by our own George C. Lane; how to protect your capital while you are in the market; simple methods for predicting price objectives in advance; guidelines for determining when to get out and a plan for taking profits.

And, then, to give you a solid base of practical experience for you to draw on when you leave us.

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Comments from Our Students...

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For more information, call 815/432-4334.

Postal address: 719 South Fourth Street
                           Watseka, IL 60970


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